Remote Sensing and Radio Navigation Satellite Applications


This R&D line is focused in the development of future applications in the sustainability field making use of the existing spatial communications systems (i.e. European satellite navigation systems - GALILEO- and monitoring and global security -GMES-), such as: efficient traffic management as well as human and goods transport using the GALILEO satellite network, sustainable management of natural resources (water, agricultrual and territorial organization, both rural and urban) and management of disasters due to natural or human causes (floods, earthquakes, fires, droughts, toxic spills) using satellite images provided by Earth observation. The group has the knowledge, experience and tools to erform processing of the datsa form on board SAR instruments, either on board the satellite itself with a half-level resolution and in post-processing chain of SAR data once received in the ground stations. Also, the group has teh capacity to propose mechanisms to perform the data compression on board the satellite in order to facilitate the transmission of SAR data to ground receiving centers. Consulting and advising services in the field os satellite communications systems are also offered to be used in various practical applications. Specifically, the grouphas the experience in carrying out feasibility studies, development, implementation, evaluation and final show of this type of satellite communications systems, having participated as consultant in requeriments definition for some of these systems ( eg European systems called Galileo satellite navigation for ground, see and air applications).

Research Groups

Microwave Applications Group (GAM)

Research Areas

Antennas, Microwaves and Propagation