Analysis and Design of Passive Microwave Devices in Planar and Hybrid (SIW waveguides) Technology


Analysis and design of passive microwave circuits implemented in planar technology (mircrostrip and coplanar), as well as in the promising hybrid technology of substrate integrated waveguide (SIW), both widely used in the areas of mobile (GSM and UMTS), wireless (LMDS, MVDS and FWA) and spatial (input stage) commincations. Under this R&D line the following activities are carried out: Development of new rigorous and efficient electromagnetic analysis methods (full-wave) for planar and SIW;Practical operation of full-wave electromagnetic comercial programs; Optimized design using aggressive space mapping techinques of new transmission lines and compact devices based in metamaterials; Design, including prototypes manufacturing and experimental measurements of passive devices in planar and hybrid tecnhologies for high frequency communications systems and Prediction of RF discharge effects (multipaction and corona) in planar devices to be used in space applications.

Research Groups

Microwave Applications Group (GAM)

Research Areas

Antennas, Microwaves and Propagation