5G network will permit the circulation of AGVs in Almussafes

The iTEAM Mobile Communications Group took part at the visit made 19th December to the Juan Carlos I Supplier Park in Almussafes by the 5GLOGIC project consortium.

During the visit to Almussafes, measurements were carried out to check the signal levels and quality of the Vodafone network in the Park area. The measurements, which were taken with a mobile network broadband scanner, were carried out in order to analyze the frequency bands of interest for the project. A Walk Test was carried out in the industrial park, which will serve as a basis for the calibration of simulated coverage models that are being carried out within the project.

Mobility Innovation Valencia, the Almussafes City Council and the APPI are behind 5GLOGIC. The three of them are developing a pilot project for logistics solutions for the development and validation of the technologies that are necessary to turn the Supplier Park into a Smart Park connected by 5G.

Mobile Private Networks (MPN) and 5G technology will allow, not only the creation of a network of connections between all the elements of the industrial park, but also putting into circulation Autonomously Guided Vehicles (AGVs). To achieve this, all park control and maintenance areas, in addition to the authorities and security forces, must work together and in constant communication with the entities that make up 5GLOGIC.

The project is formed by Fivecomm, Vodafone, a4Rad, Moontech, Itera, Nutai and the technological center specialized in ICT, ITI, and has the support of the Valencian Innovation Agency and the European FEDER funds.