José Capmany, awarded with the Physics, Innovation and Technology Award 2022

In the latest Physics 2022 Awards, José Capmany has been awarded with the Physics, Innovation and Technology Award.

These prestigious prizes, awarded jointly since 2008 by the Royal Spanish Society of Physics (RSEF) and the BBVA Foundation, recognize creativity, effort and achievement in the field of physics to give impetus and visibility to the best researchers in our country, with special attention to young people, as well as excellence in teaching and dissemination.

In the 2022 edition, José Capmany has been awarded the Physics, Innovation and Technology Award for his pioneering contributions to photonics applied to the development of advanced telecommunications networks.

Capmany’s work at iTEAM focuses on the development of devices and technologies that help to link wireless communications networks, such as mobile networks, with the part of the network that  has to channel traffic, which are usually fiber optic networks. To this end, his efforts are focused on the development of integrated photonic chips, which have fundamental applications in the 5G environment. With the deployment of 5G, and future generations of wireless communications, it will be necessary to have greater capacity to transmit using more bandwidth to be able to process more information and, in turn, increase speed, always keeping in mind that this processing must be done with low and ever-decreasing consumption.

In addition, he has co-founded two companies that develop innovative systems for chip design and programming. That is why this award not only recognizes his scientific excellence, but also the impact achieved by his technology transfer initiatives.