Daniel Pérez receives the COIT best Spanish PhD thesis award

Dr. Daniel Pérez, Postdoctoral Researcher at the Photonic Research Labs of the Institute of Telecommunications and Multimedia Applications (iTEAM) has been awarded by COIT (the Spanish official association of telecommunication engineers) the prize to the best Spanish PhD thesis on Information and Communication Fundamentals and Basic Technologies, and their Applications.

“His PhD thesis, entitled ‘Integrated Microwave Photonic Processors using Waveguide Mesh Cores’, represents an important milestone to develop a universal and reconfigurable integrated microwave photonics processor, which is the main goal of my ERC Advanced Grant project UMWP-Chip”, declared Prof. José Capmany, head of the Photonics Research Labs.

Daniel expressed his gratitude for the support provided by Prof. Capmany and Dr. Ivana Gasulla who supervised his doctoral thesis during 3 years. “To work side by side with Prof. Capmany, a King James I laureate, and Dr. Gasulla, a worldwide reference in Microwave Photonics, has been an amazing experience”, he stated.

International recognition

The remarkable research accomplished by Daniel Pérez didn’t go unnoticed in the IEEE Photonics Society. This association awarded him the prestigious Graduate Student Fellowship Award last year. This program provides since 1999 ten Graduate Fellowships to outstanding worldwide student members pursuing graduate education within the field of Photonics.

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