Smart Radio 6G COmmunications using REconfigurable MATerials (COREMAT-6G)


2022 - 2024


COREMAT-6G aims at developing smart surfaces from an integral perspective, addressing from the design of the surface materials, their electromagnetic optimization, their influence on channel performance, their use for sensing and localization, as well as their management from the radio access network (RAN). The novelty of
COREMAT-6G lays on the use of novel materials capable of changing their complex dielectric
properties by adjusting their initial composition in combination with external control signals.
These materials are in addition non-metallic, of lower cost and recyclable, so improving the sustainability of the next generation networks deployment. All these concepts imply an interdisciplinary approach which accounts with highly specialized insight from different players, that will play a key role in the development,
manufacturing and commercialization of these devices as 6G technology enablers.
Therefore, this project envisions involving the participation of both the scientific community in academia and research departments at companies, to succeed in the development of smart surfaces and their application.
Concretely, COREMAT 6G (Subproject A – RIS Implementation) will be focused on the research and development of both metallic and non-metallic RIS panels using novel dielectric materials to compare their performance. To achieve this goal, the engineering and design of both the materials of the panel as well as the
design and optimization of the elements of the panel from the electromagnetic perspective will be also addressed. Besides, the physical implementation of the surface is also envisioned in the subproject, leading to a final manufactured prototype ready to be used in future applications in 6G networks (Subproject B - RIS Radio and Sensing) or to operate as an element of the network in future 6G systems (Subproject C - RIS Integration on 6G RAN).

<<Plan de Recuperación, Transformación y Resilencia- financiado por la Unión Europea -NextGenerationEU>>



Principal investigator

  Narcis Cardona Marcet

Research Areas

Wireless Communications

Research Group

Mobile Communications Group (MCG)